“Better than Before” (March Book Club)

3/10/17 Today I am treasuring the concept of inconvenience. What an intriguing comment, you say? It helps us stick to our new, good habits better as Rubin mentions in this book. The harder it is to complete a task, the less impulsive we will be. And I happen to be a very impulsive person, so … Continue reading “Better than Before” (March Book Club)


Barre (Fitness Format Feature)

  I have recently come to anticipate & cherish Barre class as a member at Lifetime Fitness gym. It's a full body work-out (as various parts of my body are sore today & reminding me of that) but you would be mistaken to think you're just going to work out your calf muscles with mindless … Continue reading Barre (Fitness Format Feature)

So this article has been in the making for a while now, but I decided to choreograph a Zumba number in the spirit of showing a little of how my home workouts have been patterned. Home workout programs can be fun & invoke less anxiety or concern over peer interaction.  There is also less judgment or … Continue reading