Sabbath Day

1147702_10101017727932039_1495991057_o“The Sabbath lasts all day! In a revelation “especially applicable to the saints in Zion,”6 the Lord states that the Sabbath was given that we might keep ourselves “unspotted from the world.”7 It is a day to partake of the sacrament, a day “to pay [our] devotions unto the Most High,” a day of “fasting and prayer,”a day to offer our time, talent, and means in service to our God and our fellowmen, a day to “[confess our] sins before the Lord.” -H. Aldridge Gillespie, The Blessing of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy , October 2000.


(The following is a journal entry from my high school journal.) Tuesday, after going to the orthodontist, Mom & I went to see the principal about changing the musical this year to a Thursday, Friday, & Saturday schedule (instead of having a Sunday performance, which I hope they’ll change because I really like “Annie Get your Gun” & would like participate.)

I was so dedicated to keeping the Sabbath Day holy & remembering the Savior by not doing a school musical that would bring in money. I started a petition for my fellow musical cast members, & actually acquired a good amount of signatures….but not enough to sway the opinion of those in charge.  I felt validated for standing up for my beliefs & not being shy about it, though.  Might I also add that most of my siblings (being that I’m the oldest) were fortunate enough to participate in all the high school musicals, as they started being run on a Thurs./Fri./Sat. performance after I graduated.  To this day, I do not regret my decision.





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