We love to Run!

We come from a family of runners. In fact we started running when we were so young that we were stopped by the police officers in our small town, a few times, asking us where our parents were and what we were running from…haha. As an adult, I can see why they might have had some concerns. We would run several 5k’s every summer as a family and would win our age divisions pretty much every time. While I don’t deny we are good runners, this was mostly, if not entirely, due to being the only children in those age groups running. Our parents taught us a valuable lesson though, and said that just meant we beat everyone else to the start line. Sometimes it just takes starting the race to finish a winner 🙂

We enjoy running together and often plan races as part of family get togethers. Although we may not have the fastest times on the course we certainly have run our fair share of miles and have a lot of personal experience with training plans, running shoes, injuries, food to eat before, during, and after, etc. We hope you enjoy what we have to share and benefit from our first hand knowledge.

IMG_9541 (1)

Tip for Starting Your Running Career

If you’re just starting on a running adventure yourself, a good first week would include 20-30 minutes of jogging/walking at least 2 or 3 times. It is better to run slow and long, than to run fast and short. You should not be gasping for breath on your runs, but should be comfortable enough to talk while running. If you’re not able to, then run a little slower. Remember it just takes starting the race to finish a winner!




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