Heels for days!


We Bauserman girls love our clothes but we REALLY love our shoes especially heels! That love for heels comes from our dear mom, Laurel, she always has a nice variety of heels that she pulls out for special occasions and church on Sundays. We love our mom and she has always been our role model so of course we have always wanted to be just like her. And let me just say, she is quite the stylish lady!

It is funny because even though I am the youngest, I am the tallest out of us girls by 8 inches!!! Needless to say  I was insecure about being tall and I didn’t want to be any taller than I had to be. For the longest time I wouldn’t touch heels because I didn’t want to tower over everyone even more than I already did. But one day, I realized how much I loved heels and I wasn’t going to let my insecurity hold me back any longer from wearing the cutest, tallest pair of heels I could find. After that, I started to love being tall and I embraced my height because I knew that it wasn’t going to go away, it was a part of me, and I needed to learn to love myself for who I am and not who I wished I could be.

I never knew that by wearing heels, I would gain more confidence in myself but that’s how it is with any type of clothes or shoes…we should wear what we feel comfortable wearing and what we think is stylish, it doesn’t matter what other people think at all. You just have to be you and be comfortable in your own skin, wear what you want to wear and rock it!



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