Charm Bracelet for Mom/Grandma

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Birthstone Bracelets

This is a perfect idea for a gift for a mother or grandmother, they all love their children and grandchildren and this is a fun way to show them off a little bit.  This is a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas. There are varying degrees of difficulty to this project depending on what supplies you have or want to buy, so I will show you a beginners version and an advanced one.




charm bracelet chain




chain – with links big enough to attach things

lobster or other type of clasps

jump rings

pliers (round and flat nosed)

wire cutters

head pins


*Charms or beads can be birthstone colors, letters for the first initials of kids names, or little charms that represent the kids

I’ll  write out the instructions and then follow them with pictures of the steps

Beginner Instructions:

-Choose the charms you want to use

-put them in the order you want and determine spacing along the chain depending on if the number of kids/grandkids is set or you need to leave space for future ones, and how many there are

-attach charms like you would attach a key to a key chain with the split key ring

Advanced Instructions:

-determine the length of the chain you want and use straight nosed pliers to open the links and detach the chosen amount from the rest of the chain

-use a jump ring on either end to attach the clasps

-choose beads you want to use and put them on head pins

-use wire cutters to cut off extra length on the pins, you want to leave about 1/2 inch after the bead in order to make a loop to attach your new charm either directly to the bracelet or to another jump ring and then to the bracelet

-to make the loop, first bend the wire almost to a right angle from the top of the bead, then using the round nosed pliers, start from the tip of the pin and wrap the wire around it in such a way that you should end up right above the bead again

-either reopen slightly your newly formed loop or a jump ring and attach to the bracelet, being mindful of spacing as explained in the beginners instructions

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right: chain with different clasp types and jump rings             left: premade charm bracelets

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two different sizes of jump rings and the head pins

I chose to do birthstone color beads and made my own charms but put them on split key rings.  I made this bracelet for my mom who has been a grandma for a little over a year now.  She has two grandbabies and two on the way so I made the charms for the babies on the way but didn’t attach them in case they come in a different month.  Dahlia and Rainey were born in January and September, whose birthstones are Garnets and Sapphires respectively and the babies to come will be Peridot and Turquoise.

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The bead choices I looked at for the different birthstones


KODAK Digital Still Camera

my choices on the head pins

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use wire cutters to trim head pins, leave 1/2 inch after the bead to make a hoop

KODAK Digital Still Camera

round headed pliers for making hoops

KODAK Digital Still Camera

different stages in making hoops in the pins

KODAK Digital Still Camera

if making your own charms you need the straight nosed pliers to open and close the jump ring

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how to attach the charm with a jump ring and pliers

KODAK Digital Still Camera

attaching the charms using split key rings





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