Maternity Fashion & Style


Most women aren’t exactly crazy about the new curves and bumps that develop with pregnancy, but if the right clothes are worn, it can emphasize these new developments in a good way! Wearing tight clothes (especially shirts) is not always the most flattering way to show off the curves, though. However, it can be tricky when one doesn’t want to go out & purchase a whole new wardrobe that is only going to be worn for a few months at best.

Here are a few tips I found in What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Murkoff & Mazel, pgs. 210-211).

  • As you expand, choose clothes with vertical lines (which give you a slimmer look) instead of horizontal lines (which only widen you even further.) Look for clothes with vertical stripes, zippers, & stitching. (I obviously still love & prefer the polka dot pattern though ,as seen above.)
  • Think in darker colors (like navy blue, black, dark brown, & charcoal.) Dark colors are slimming for pregnant women too & they can minimize body bulk.
  • Buy clothes as you grow & only buy as much as you need; there are probably still plenty of options in your closet that will work.
  • Avoid hanging shoulders that give you a sloppy look; clothes can be loose everywhere else, but your shoulders don’t grow during pregnancy.
  • Clingy fabrics & snug-fitting styles are in!
  • For comfort down below, wear low-cut jeans & pants that can be worn underneath your growing belly. If it’s particularly difficult to say good-bye to your favorite jeans, you can always try a maternity belt or a cloth insert with buttons (to widen the jeans at the hips.) Mine is called the Belly Button.



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