Lessons for Toddlers #1

My daughter is almost 18 months old and she’s at a stage where she is learning so fast that I wanted to help her have a little more structured learning time every day. I’ve been preparing 15-20 minute lessons and it’s been really fun for her to have that time focused on her and to be learning something new.

I’ll write more posts including different lessons, but here is the outline from our first lesson that we started a few months ago.


Read a book about opposites. Here are some ideas.

Speech: Act out these opposites

happy vs. sad

fast vs. slow

high vs. low

loud vs. quiet

Song: Do as I’m Doing

Game: Fill a laundry basket with toys. Play a game of dumping out the toys and then singing the Clean Up song while picking them up and putting them back inside the basket. Say lots of opposites while cleaning up, for example, “in” and “out”, “clean” and “dirty”, “empty” and “full”, etc. Repeat as many times as they want to (which was a lot for us!).

This activity helps them visualize opposites as well as learning to help with cleaning up.

Classical Music/Dancing: Play Minuet in G while dancing with scarves.

Exercise: Races!

Using masking tape make a long line across one end of the room. Have your little one stand on the other end of the room and show him or her how to “race” to the finish line, aka. masking tape. Then stand at the finish line, shout out “1, 2, 3, GO!” and encourage them until they make it to you. Repeat as many times as they want to.

Stay tuned for more fun lessons you can teach your little one.




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