Baby prints for molds or ornaments

Babies grow so fast, it’s always nice to capture their prints.  And babies hands and feet are small enough that they can make really cute ornaments. Here are a few different ways my sister and I did this with our little ones.

My first print I made with a Sculpey kit I bought from Michael’s.  It included the clay, a little tool to roll it, a circle to make the shape, and a tool to punch holes and write in the clay.

unnamed (3)

-place clay in the circle and rolled the other side and take away excess clay

– press the baby’s foot in the clay as evenly as possible

-carve in name and year and make a hole in the top

-bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes

-use acrylic paint to paint all but the print

-use ribbon to loop through the top and tie a bow with a second ribbon.

I sadly found that the kit only had enough Sculpey for one print, so I went back and bought a cheaper fluffy clay that air dried.  I followed basically the same steps as above but without baking it, just letting it air dry

unnamed (2)

*my daughter did not like it when I tried to press her hands or feet in the clay so I waited until she was asleep this time and it made it a lot easier


My sister Sarah did a similar thing with her daughter but actually made the dough, it’s called salt dough.  It’s a workable recipe that you can make as much or little as you would like

-1 part salt

-2 parts flour

-enough water to make a good consistency as a dough to put prints in- about 1 part

-make print and hole

-bake at 200 degrees for about an hour depending on the thickness


-use ribbon or string to tie it up

unnamedunnamed (1)

Good luck with yours!



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