Summer Pool Workout

What I’m talking about here is not swimming, I’ll leave that for Kel sometime.  But with the summer heat, being in the water is one of my favorite ways to workout.  There are several other benefits to water workouts as well, like how water resistance amplifies the workout and injuries are less common.

Last year I was pregnant during the summer.  I knew I should have been working out, at least walking, but I had a really hard time getting motivated to get out in the heat.  So after going in the lazy river at the local water park it seemed like the perfect solution.  At just under a quarter of a mile each lap, it quickly became my daily walk.

unnamed (4)

This summer it has taken on a new dimension because I always take my baby daughter.  To stay as cool as possible I walk at a crouch so the water comes up to my shoulders.  This would be hard to do out of the water because of balance issues, but it makes the thigh workout more intense.  In my lazy river there is even a short area where i basically have to duck walk to stay in the water.

Other ways to make this workout more intense are to try running in water, you definitely move a lot slower but you can feel your muscles straining at the extra resistance.  I also add some arm workouts with my baby, holding her out in front of me, she adds to the intensity by trying to grab at the tubes of the people we pass.

This can be done in any pool or lazy river that is shallow enough to walk in.  Be careful not to push to hard the first time you try it.  Like any kind of workout, the real benefit comes from consistency!  It’s better to do a little bit every day rather than overdo it on just one day.





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