How we can be like the pioneers!

Since today is pioneer day I want to compare our lives to those amazing pioneers who followed Brigham Young to the unknown land of Utah. They truly supported their leaders and trusted in them and ultimately they trusted in the Lord. We know that our leaders in the church are inspired and receive revelation from God. They love us and want to give us as much guidance as possible and they know exactly what we are going through in our lives. I can’t help but think of how much easier it is to read the words of prophets of old in the scriptures. And yet it is a lot harder to take the counsel given to us by our very own and beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson and the 12 apostles. Now why exactly is that?

I believe it is because the counsel they give is directed to us specifically for our day and age, which means it is usually something we need to work on and it is something that we have to change. We all know that change is hard but it is necessary for us to grow and progress spiritually. Oftentimes it is something that we need to hear but it can also be painful because of how close to home it really hits. To stand with our leaders means we are taking their counsel to heart and really doing what they tell us to do and changing our lifestyle if need be! We can be like the pioneers and trust in our leaders even when we have doubts. All we have to do is remember their example and know that sometimes it isn’t easy following the prophet but we know they (our leaders) will never lead us astray and so it is always worth it to trust in them.





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