Teachers Pay Teachers

There is an online resource that I loved using as a full-time teacher/educator. It’s: teacherspayteachers.com  & I have begun publishing novel studies and interactive journal ideas on there for sale.  Most of the products I create I sell for a reasonable price, since I know well what it is like to be on a teacher’s budget. The nice thing about this website’s resources are that its accessibility ranges from home school to grades K- high school.  Literally, teachers of all grade levels and types can get online and find resources to help them teach lessons, at a good price; it’s a phenomenal idea!

My endeavors in producing various products for this website are limited to just the past year or so, but I have already seen some good success from that! Really all that’s required to get started is: some ambition, some knowledge & background in education, & the Core standards (which are also available in short view online.) To find out more about this set-up & product availability, check out my store. It is called: Storey’s Goods.




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