Fit Bump Review: Fitness for Pregnancy

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Ok, first of all, let me just start off by saying I’ve been reading up quite a lot on pregnancy & exercise (about 30 minutes a day) is recommended for many reasons. In my favorite pregnancy book, What to Expect While You’re Expecting, it actually mentions that getting too much rest can actually contribute to you feeling more tired. Since reading that, I’ve noticed that I do go to bed more exhausted & ready for sleep, if I’ve engaged in some kind of work-out that day. There are a lot of benefits to working out, albeit it somewhat moderately, during pregnancy. I’m hoping that the shorter labor & less delivery interventions part applies to me, as I continue to attempt a consistent work-out 6 days of the week.  Most of all, I just want to be a strong mama.

Just as you would expect for normal exercise programs to completely benefit you in healthy weight loss & toning your body, you should eat right, maybe even more reason to, while you’re pregnant. The FitBump program has a nutrition meal plan suggestion for the corresponding work-out days & even provided some bonus recipes of some yummy new snacks & dishes. My husband & I tried the Red Lentil Curry Soup for dinner the other night, & it was so flavorful! Overall, implementing this program so far has been nothing but beneficial for me, as long as I remember to listen to my body! That is always the trick of working out & is definitely a sage lesson to learn in order to prevent injury.

Brooke has a website where you can learn more about her & this program:

You can also follow Brooke on Instagram at: @Carlsonfit.

Her wholesome companion, Michelle, a dietitian, can be followed on Insta at: @spinmeaneatclean.



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