The Perfect Christmas Gift

So what do you get your adult children for Christmas when they don’t need clothes and they buy their own toys?  Here is an idea.  Spoiler Alert:  my adult children may or may not be getting this exact present for Christmas 2016.

You get them an external Terabyte hard drive like the one pictured here:


I know what you are thinking – why would this make the perfect Christmas Gift.  Ahh!  The answer is that when you give it to them – it is not empty.  You give them a life time of memories on one small disk that can either be plugged into a computer or a TV.  A Terabyte can hold over a hundred hours of family videos and as many pictures as you have taken over a lifetime, with room to spare.  Other items to consider putting on their drive are journals, scrapbooks, family history, wills, etc.   Not only will this bring them hours of good memories – but it will also provide a safe backup of your most precious family memories.  In a future posts, I will share some ideas on how to digitize and organize the photos and videos.  More good news is that you can buy a hard drive like this for less than $60 on Amazon.  Here is a link for those who are interested:

Hard drive on Amazon

One warning about this gift – you may want to start now to have plenty of time to assemble and organize the family memories.  But don’t obsess about getting it all – because it is a portable hard drive, you can always add updates and additional items later.

Merry Christmas!



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