Unsloppy Joes

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Finished Unsloppy Joes

This is a fun twist on a classic sandwich.  You can use store bought biscuit dough and Sloppy Joe filling from a can but I make both from scratch so here are my recipes for both of those and then directions for putting it all together.


I often make the filling from leftovers so there are a lot of variations.  I used leftovers from stuffed peppers this time, but I’ve also used chili before and even meat sauce for spaghetti.  And these measurements are estimates.


-1/2 lb ground meat

-1/4 c onion

-2 tsp garlic

-1/4 c bell pepper

-can of tomato sauce

-salt and pepper to taste

-other things I commonly put in: cooked quinoa, cooked rice, corn, beans

  1. brown the meat with onion and garlic
  2. add tomato sauce, seasonings, and anything else
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-2 c flour

-2 Tbs sugar

-1/4 tsp salt

-1 tsp baking powder

-1/2 c shortening

-1 egg

-1/3 c milk

  1. mix dry ingredients
  2. cut up shortening in dry mix with two knifes into pea sized or smaller pieces
  3. add milk and egg slowly stirring it in
  4. knead gently 18 times
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biscuit dough


Now, form the dough into little bowl – like shapes, this recipe makes about 12 that are 2 in in diameter, leaving about a quarter of the dough to cover them with after.  Then split the filling between them, add cheese, I sprinkled mozzarella, spread out the dough to cover the little bowls pinching the edges together.  Bake for 10 min at 400 degrees.

These are a favorite of ours! Bon appetite!







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