American Robins

American Robins are a very common bird and are easy to recognize, so they’re a great bird for beginning bird watchers.  They are widespread throughout Northern America.  Their most distinguishable feature is the bright orange breast.

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Adult male robin

KODAK Digital Still Camera

As with most birds, the males are brighter and easier to spot.  Usually the females blend in better as a protection mechanism for the young as they are most often with the nest and don’t want to draw attention to it.

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Adult Female Robin

A female robin can have up to 3 broods of chicks a year with an average of 4 chicks each time.  As seen in this picture, earthworms are one of the foods robins eat, but they aren’t too picky eating a a variety of insects, berries, and seeds.

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fledglings asleep in their nest

The chicks stay in the nest slightly over two weeks before taking off, so they grow up quickly.  I got to see these ones for about a week before the nest was empty.  It was also cool that I got to see the protectiveness of the mother bird, who would fly out crying loudly to take attention away from the nest.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

The nearly grown fledglings

Good luck in your own birdwatching adventures!  Remember to respect all living things, but especially wild animals for your safety as well as theirs.





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