Product Reviews on Baby Stuff!

Babsy Books

Recently I have been discovering a lot of new products for expectant mamas & it has been a delightful experience! It’s actually quite fun & even somewhat stylish in some aspects. A couple months ago I ordered the notorious belly button bands , which has made wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans possible still, & then that purchase led me to baby board books for the unbelievable price of  $15 shipping for 5 educational baby board books (FREE!)  So, my friends, especially those expecting babies or needing new baby books, go to & use the promotion code “490613C27”!

The blog connected to babsybooks is:

Carseat Canopy

I just ordered a Maddox from Carseat Canopy for my son.  It’s black on the outside but blue on the inside (that will rest by his face) so the sun will not get him too toasty. This Carseat Canopy company, being a sister company, has really great deals on the products mentioned below, & if I can get at least 5 of my friends to order using promo code 0AA1C96ED (good for $ 50.00 off), they are going to refund my shipping & handling charges! Pretty sweet! 🙂 The blog where I ordered my stylish carseat canopy is:

Use Promo Code “CCPartners” at all of the websites below!

  1. 5 pairs of Baby Leggings for FREE at (a $50 Value)
  2. FREE Udder Covers™ Brand nursing cover at (a $35 Value)
  3. FREE printed Nursing Pillow at (a $40 Value)
  4. FREE Seven™ brand baby carrier at (a $40 Value)
  5. 10 pairs of Breast Pads for FREE at (a $35 Value)
  6. 5 Baby Board Books for FREE at (a $40 Value)
  7. 2 Belly Button Maternity Bands for FREE at (a $40 Value)

Happy hunting & bargain shopping out there expectant moms! 🙂



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