IMG_1023So…..I’m a beginner to this sport, but I love cross-training and cycling is really good cardio exercise. It’s also a good, non-impacting sport for expectant mamas, especially when performed on stationary bikes. My favorite program to go with at the gym is the “intervals” option, since it provides peaks/hills to raise your heart rate, and then goes up and down the scale of speed (depending on what you program it to.) While I much prefer riding a bicycle outside, it is a proven fact that a pregnant woman’s balance and center of gravity is thrown off, starting in the second trimester. So this is my way of getting a biking fix and staying safe!

The main muscles triggered or required in cycling are: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, & your calf muscles. I personally have felt like my IT bands (on the sides of the knee) have gotten worked a bit too! One of the biggest sore spots when I get off the bike is my glutes though….every time. So, saving some time for decent stretching before and after cycling is definitely recommended and makes mounting the bike the next time more bearable. 😉 Happy cycling!



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