Plastic Baggie Baby Book

This is a fun, easy, and cheap way to give your baby more books.  All you need are some plastic baggies that can be zipped closed, construction paper, glue, some old magazines or other pictures, and string or a metal hoop to hold it together .  Obviously the pictures have to be smaller than the plastic baggies but other than that you can put in whatever you want.  You can even add words for the pictures.  For my baby I tried to put the English word above the pictures and the Spanish word below.  The pictures I used were all kinds of random, because I used some magazines I found, but if you want a particular theme for the books that is easy to do too. I just cut the construction paper in half when holding it sideways or hotdog style and then trimmed off the top so they would fit in the baggies.  Then I cut out the pictures I wanted, glued them to the construction paper and labeled.  At first I just had some baggies loose by themselves.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

individual ‘pages’

Then I poked a hole in the corner of each baggie and tied some yarn through them.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

held together with yarn

Then I found a metal ring that worked even better.

These kinds of books are really nice for several reasons.  For one, they’re pretty hard to damage, but even if they do get damaged it’s not a big deal because it’s easily replaceable.  It’s also very light and easy to take in a diaper bag.  It’s a great opportunity for babies to play with and enjoy books which greatly increases a continual love of reading.  It’s also easy to do different themed books.  My next one is going to be one we can take to church, with pictures of Jesus and other related things, so that in some way my baby will be focusing on the same things I am.

Good luck making your own, I hope your kids love them too!



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