Elder ‘Sammy’ Bauserman update

Elder Bauserman had some disappointments this week, like anyone who has served a mission has.  His email was titled ‘Tribulation means good things ahead…right?”  Even with those disappointments he managed to do some great things too.  Here is a story from his email:

“Then I also had to organize and plan and confirm appointments for a “Ward Attack” (apparently the ward here has done it every single saturday whenever they’ve had at least one proactive missionary), in this attack all 4 of us missionaries (of which I am the oldest) meet up and go on splits with the members to visit less actives and get them to church the next day. It technically went really well and all the members were really happy with us and very complementary of us when they saw 15 new faces come to church the next day(each absent from the church from between several months to several years)…
   I’m determined to make this week a week of miracles, and to give my all, I know this church is true and that the work we do is the work of the Lord and cannot, therefore, be frustrated. I love you all and hope all is well!”

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