Cardio Work-Outs for Pregnant Ladies

IMG_9023Of course all good mothers want to do what’s best for their bodies & for the baby. An overarching goal during low-risk pregnancy for most healthy women is to complete at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. This can include: walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, swimming, & aerobic dance exercise. The main thing to be aware of, especially as the second trimester starts, is heart rate. An expectant mother’s heart rate should never get above 150 bpm. The nice thing about today’s society is that there are many fitness bands and apps to help monitor heart rate.  If a woman discovers her heart rate is too high, she should take immediate action to start decreasing the level and intensity of the activity in that moment.

Zumba is my favorite aerobic exercise. It is even approved for me to instruct Zumba classes (as a pregnant lady.) The intensity level, of course, has been adjusted from what I’d teach previously, but you can also use vocalization to help keep the energy going in a Zumba class & encourage class members to challenge & extend themselves. Additionally, the hip movements used in Zumba are really great for keeping things looser down in the abdominal & hips parts for pregnant ladies.

I also found an article about pregnant women & exercise through an app I have called “The Bump.” (See the link below for the full article.) Pregnant women should not really participate in contact sports to get their cardio in; this was a little difficult for me at first, since my husband & I like to play basketball together, but there’s always the off chance the ball could hit me hard in the stomach, instead of ending up safely in my hands. These are just good things to be mindful of when preparing to be a mom, but still wanting to get a decent work-out in. The general recommendation is 30 minutes a day for 5 days of the week; even getting a good walk or cycle ride in counts! J



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