College Football

My prediction for the BYU v Utah game on Saturday is BYU 20-10. The Cougars defense played a harder offense in Arizona and held them to 16, and there were also some missed assignments that can easily be prevented on Saturday. Utah’s offense struggled to score 24 against an FCS opponent so any problems from the Utes will be a result of their physical defense. BYU will not be able to score 20 on Utah without a more aggressive performance, specifically from Taysom Hill. His conservative play against Arizona didn’t surprise me after his first week of settling back into college football in almost a year. Jamaal Williams performance in week 1 was stellar and if Hill is adding his legs as a threat, the Utes defense is going to have a hard time containing these two. Depending on how the Cougars offense handles the game changes and physicality, BYU could score anywhere from 7 to 28 points without any bold predictions being made.
A brief overlook of all of college football: there will not be many exciting games this week. I’m only going to mention the famous Battle of Bristol in which I predict Virginia Tech will beat Tennessee 28-21. I will make my early playoff predictions now as well: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Stanford as the playoff teams with 2 Seed Clemson beating 4 seed Stanford in the Championship. My teams to watch include: Michigan, Houston, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, Boise St, Utah, BYU, and West Virginia. It’s looking like a good season.



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