I Spy (DIY bags)

Above you will find the components necessary for this little DIY project. The bag on the far left are just party favors; very random ones too! I found this on Amazon.com. You will need a pencil bag (with a clear, see-through part) and a book binder ring. Don’t forget the Poly-Fil beads; these will help stuff the bag & hide the items. You can find some at:


You will also need a needle & simple sewing thread. 

So, the individual’s product who posted this idea originally (on Pinterest) can be found below: https://craftgawker.com/post/2015/02/09/77498/

The whole point of making one of these fun little bags, is as an entertainment option for your little ones when you take them places.  It could be a fun bag for the car, or a quiet bag for Church on Sunday; your choice! The fun part is, you don’t have to do much work, but this little bag will be worth your time. To assemble it, first find about 8-10 medium & small sized items (like the party favors shown above) to fit inside the pencil case. Take a picture of the items you will be putting inside the bag. Print this picture out & glue it to card stock or something else sturdy, as it will be hanging off the side of the bag with the book binder clip. Then fill the pencil case with Poly-fil beads until it’s full enough that you have to shift the bag around to try & find the “hidden” items.  Then, to make sure the items & little beads never come spilling out of the pencil bag, sew a sturdy line along the stitches already on the pencil bag. (Make sure you’re sewing on the other side of the zipper though, or things will slip through.)

Have fun & take your I Spy bag with you everywhere & anywhere as an entertainment piece for your littles! Enjoy!



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