Here we go again – Elder Sammy Bauserman

Elder Bauserman’s email this week was very upbeat with all kinds of exciting news, here are a few excerpts:

“I just finished the training of Elder Bennion and I am sending him off to one of my old sectors (Curacautin) to open a new sector there…I was also surprised to find out I would be training once again, tomorrow I will be headed up to Conce to meet my newbie.  I am very very very happy right now because 4 investigators that I thought would be lost with my whitewash in Cuacautin have been baptized in the last two weeks…I do want to bear my testimony that this church is very very true and has the only absolute truth in the world.  I know that the Lord has His hand very involved in the work I am doing and I am eternally grateful to see the many miracles He has wrought in my mission and in me.”

And then translated from his Spanish portion:

“Lately, I have discovered that nothing can excite me as much as seeing the progress of people I love.  I am very excited to train and I know that it will be a time of miracles here in Mulchen…I have a lot of hope for some our our new investigators and in this moment I am very very very excited to work!”


I hope you all enjoy these excerpts and can feel his joy and enthusiasm for the gospel and the opportunity to share it.  I too can testify that there is so much joy from watching others progress, and it is such a great blessing from God when he allows us to participate in that and feel a portion of the love He has for His sons and daughters.


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