Embroidery Projects for Beginners!

So I started down this path with the intention of making a cute baby gift for my friend and then eventually for my baby boy. My mother embroidered/hand-stitched a small wall hanging like the one pictured below, for each one of us. They are a treasured artifact in our house. I’m not naturally artsy and creative, but I can follow a pattern! So I found this awesome embroidery kit company for beginners called Queen Bee. They have a few stitching projects available on Amazon.com, but the nicest thing is that there are traceable lines on the fabric that can be rinsed out after stitching is complete.  They also provide just about the right amount of floss (the term used to refer to the thread used in the project) in the specific colors needed to complete the pattern. The general instructions and how to create the various stitches is also included in their package (also pictured above.) Their website is:


If you’re wanting a new project or skill acquired, I recommend giving this beginner embroidery stuff a try. It’s also a great gift to give away to families with newborns, or to make Christmas decorations out of.  I actually found it exciting to complete the picture and then loved the final product once the ink was rinsed out.




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