Women’s Conference

          The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has the great privilege of hearing from our leaders bi-annually (in April & October.) The women of the church have a special meeting the Saturday before General Conference occurs. This past Saturday (Sept. 24th) we women had the honor of hearing from four of our leaders, where we were empowered as the women of the church, who are expected to act with and demonstrate greater charity.  We were reminded that the greatest form of charity, at times, may be to withhold incorrect judgement.  Far too often we think we understand someone’s situation when we, quite simply, cannot. We were also reminded of the supreme role of faith in our religion and our personal conduct. There were several pointers given of how to build a rock solid testimony; a commodity that cannot be taken for granted in these last days. In fact, our testimony & our character may be the very things challenged, but of most value, when everything else is stripped away.



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