Homemade Baby Crackers

This is based off of a recipe I found for homemade crackers, which I adjusted to use some of my baby’s cereal and vegetables.  My baby doesn’t like the baby food vegetables we have, but I still have quite a few left over and have been looking for ways to use them.  So far these crackers have been my favorite.  In fact, to be completely honest, I have to keep reminding myself they’re for my baby, or I would eat them all.  They’re really handy to have as a snack and actually really easy to make. With my first batch, the edges are probably the only ones I would really consider cracker texture with the middle being a little bit more like flat bread.  I definitely still have several variations I want to try but I’ll share the basic recipe I used and maybe you can come up with some variations you’d like to share.



2 c baby cereal (I used multi-grain)

2 TBS of cornstarch (probably unnecessary but the recipe I saw called for pastry flour which has less gluten than regular flour and 2 TBS of cornstarch is supposed to even it out a little)

1/3 c olive oil (with a little extra to grease your pan)

2/3 c water

baby food – I used a mix of carrots, peas, and spinach – on this first try I only used half a container but you can’t taste it at all so I’m willing to try more the next time

then to get the texture back to the way it was before I added a little bit of flour, or you could add more baby cereal – about the same amount as the baby food you added

1 tsp salt


Grease a pan, I used a cookie sheet, and heat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix together all ingredients.  The consistency should be kind of like a dough, where all the dry ingredients are moist, but just barely.  Then spread the mixture on the greased cookie sheet/pan and spread as evenly as possible, I started using my spoon but found my fingers to be quicker.  Then sprinkle with salt and cut into rectangles before placing in the oven.  Cook for about 15 minutes, more if you want them all to be crunchy versus flatbread-y.  Depending on the cereal you use and the baby food, you may be able to judge done-ness by golden brown coloring but mine were too dark for that. The first one or two might be hard to get up, but as long as you greased the pan well you should be able to get them off easily enough.  I just stored mine in some plastic baggies, but plastic or glass containers would work well too.

I hope your little one enjoys them as much as mine has.  She’s eaten about half of them in one day, but I don’t feel bad since the cereal was vitamin and mineral enriched and there are veggies in them, plus I know everything in them! ( And I may have helped a little too.)


-Shana Nealy


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