Quote of the day 10/3-10/9

Monday October 3, 2016

“Even the darkest nights turn into dawn for the faithful.” – Elder Evan A. Schmutz

Just like darkness comes every night and ends with light at dawn, darkness comes into our lives regularly, but with faith we don’t have to be afraid we’ll be left in the dark.

Tuesday October 4, 2016

“As we unite to serve one another, we accomplish much more together than we could on our own.” – Elder Carl B. Cook

Our efforts are multiplied as we work together to help others.

Wednesday October 5, 2016

“Sometimes we can learn, and study, and know, and sometimes we have to believe, trust and hope.” -Elder M. Russell Ballard

Although it’s important for us to study and learn, this life is a trial of our faith, which means we are not able to ‘know’ things by studying.

Thursday October 6, 2016

“The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.” -President Russell M. Nelson

Especially if we focus only on ourselves, it doesn’t matter what our circumstances are, we cannot have true joy.  However, when we focus on Jesus Christ and the joy of His Gospel we can be happy despite any difficult circumstances.

Friday October 7, 2016

“To remember a child’s true identity is a gift of foresight.” -Lynn G. Robbins

We will treat children differently when we keep in mind their divine nature as well as their great potential.

Saturday October 8, 2016

“Our beloved Savior knows where you are.  He knows your heart. He wants to rescue you.” -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

What great hope we can have as we remember this.

Sunday October 9, 2016

“The greatest power of The Book of Mormon is in its impact in bringing us closer to Jesus Christ.” – Elder LeGrand R Curtis Jr.

The Book of Mormon is important because it is another testament of Jesus Christ.  It speaks of Him on every page and helps us increase of faith and testimonies of Him and His mission.


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