Cloth Diapering Part II – Extras

Just like with the use of disposable diapers there are other considerations and expenses involved.  The most obviously correlated extra would be wipes; you use them no matter what kind of diaper you use you are going to need wipes.  I’ve heard there are ‘cloth’ wipes that are washed with the diapers, but I am not that dedicated.  So I buy disposable wipes, which means I need a place to dispose of them as well as when I use disposable diapers.  So I had a diaper pail on my baby shower wishlist and am very glad I have one.  Mine is a Playtex Diaper Genie which sells at a retail value of about $35. If you get a diaper pail, though, it’s really nice to have liners for it.  I am sure I go through the liners much slower than people who only use disposable diapers, though.  My baby is over a year old and I’m only on my fourth refill.  I have used both Playtex Diaper Genie refills and an off-brand called Nursery Fresh and can’t tell a difference.  Nursery Fresh is a little bit cheaper though, with a 3 pack being about $2 cheaper and holding about 30 extra diapers per refill.

I also have a diaper pail for my cloth diapers.  I keep them there once they’ve been used and are waiting to be washed.  I will do a future post about my wash routine, so suffice it to say, some sort of container for the wet and dirty cloth diapers is needed.  For me, another important extra in cloth diapering are diaper liners.  These are not the same as the inserts, which do the absorbing (I addressed those in part I.)  Diaper liners are placed on the inside of the diaper and their biggest role is to keep the poop from the actual cloth of the diaper.  I have tried a couple kinds, but far and away my favorite are the Osocozy diaper liners that come in rolls of 100 sheets for $8.  They are flush-able and they are also washable.  I personally like to reuse the liners from my baby’s pee diapers, I wash them with my diaper covers, let them air dry, and reuse them until they start falling apart (which takes a long time), or they get pooped on.  I can then take them to the toilet and flush them, or if they’re too messy and I’m afraid poop will get everywhere I just toss them into my diaper genie.  Depending on a couple variables, a roll of Osocozy liners can last from one to two months and makes cloth diapering much easier in my opinion.


Other extras to take into account include diaper creams, which you have to be careful about.  There are some made specifically for cloth diapers, but I haven’t gotten around to buying any yet.  I was gifted with a couple different kinds of diaper creams, which I will use on occasion with disposable diapers.  Usually I just use baby powder with the cloth diapers.  In general I think the cloth diapers are easier on my baby’s bum as long as they’re not left on too long, but depending on the sensitivity of the baby’s skin, and when figuring out a wash routine, it may be necessary to find creams that will not permanently affect your cloth diapers.


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