Nursing Scarf

unnamed *photo courtesy: Brooke Mayo

I was recently treated to a very awesome baby shower, where one of my friends (a mom of a cute 5-month-old boy, named Brooke) gave me a fun tidbit while she was breastfeeding at my shower. She was wearing a scarf as part of her outfit! I’d searched and seen several online like it, since I know there will be occasions when public breastfeeding is just going to need to happen. I learned from her that to make your own nursing scarf, you can purchase enough muslin (fabric) to make a complete circle around your neck & then drape down your front. (You can find this fabric online at Amazon at the following link  or at a Joann’s.) This black colored muslin was recommended by my friend, who does quite a bit of public breastfeeding, since it completely ensconces your lady parts and the baby while they’re nursing. Take the muslin & fold it in half with a slit cut out of where the folded part is for the head. Then it needs to be  sewn up on the short end. All you need to do is buy the muslin fabric, cut the fabric long enough to surround your neck, sew the cut ends together, and voila! You’ll have a nursing scarf on your hands. 🙂



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