Elder Bauserman’s Weekly Email

“This week I felt really really bad for my companion, the last 4 weeks of my mission have been the least successful ones ever and the end to this long tunnel wasn’t in sight. I had already gotten used to being happy, smiley, and friendly even after 6 hours of pure rejection (two days this week we didn’t get into a single house), but I could tell that it was really starting to wear on him. I decided I had to change SOME-thing to help him out, and so we started to plan some different things for the next week. Then all of sudden (the same way a roller coaster will pull out at the bottom and jerk you up), we. saw. miracles! I am certain Heavenly Father was trying to send me a message through this experience. He already knows I’m willing to work hard and diligently, but He wanted me to start working more creative. And so we planned to make some special ventures like English class and more member work (and we will still do these things), but before we even started applying them we started to have wild success! The last 3 days have been spent purely teaching, testifying, and challenging. We have gotten into 7 completely new houses in that short space of time on the exact same streets that were rejecting and even throwing rocks at us just a week ago (don’t worry mom none of them hit us #samuelthelamanite).

I LOVE to see hearts change! I also have come to love what I will refer to as “the moment”. There is a moment in every lesson where I see a testimony, an expression of love, or a doctrinal truth get carried by the Spirit straight to someone’s heart. Their eyes briefly show a “flare” (for lack of a better description) of light and I can see that we had just made contact with the Light of Christ inside of them in that specific moment. My testimony only builds and builds and I know that it was true prophecy when Joseph Smith said “…[nothing] can stop the Work from progressing.” I’m trying to show the very best example to my trainee, and the biggest thing I want him to feel is the urgency of the Work, that we have very little time to do this and we need to squeeze every last drop out of this life-changing event. I know that we have angels on our right and on our left, and preparing the way ahead. I know this church is the only way we can experience true joy in our lives.”

P.s. This was his caption for the picture “My first 50 centimeter completo…it was pretty satis-fattening.”hahaha


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