Halloween DIY Preggie Costume Ideas


TIP: pick your favorite food or snack to imitate in costume.

  • Kool-Aid
  • Upside down ice cream cone or ice cream sundae with a cherry on top
  • Gumball machine (belly w/ pom poms)
  • Avocado (with belly as the main pit/seed)

TIP: Pick your favorite character {s} from a book; children’s books make for the best ideas, since there are lots of mommies & babies in them. J

  • Thing 1 (mom) & Thing 2 (on belly for baby)
  • Kanga & Roo (from “Winnie the Pooh”)

TIP: Pick a round object to imitate. 

  • Snowman (belly as the lowest, roundest part of the snowman & make your face the snowman’s face; include a top hat!)
  • Jack-O-Lantern face painted on a tee (on the belly)
  • Magic 8 Ball (black shirt with a round cut-out on the stomach to make the 8)

TIP: make it a couples costume! Get your partner in on the action by assigning them a role too.

  • Cow (woman) & farmer who milks cow (husband)
  • Housewife & milk man

TIP: pick your favorite movie or TV show & replicate something from it on your cute belly that’s going to stick out no matter what you do to it anyway.

  • Blueberry girl from “Charlie & the Chocolate Factory”
  • B8 robot from “Star Wars” or starship headquarters
  • Teenage mutant ninja turtle (green shirt, turtle shell backpack, & one colored mask sewed onto green shirt across belly) –my costume/pic.


These ideas were garnered from Pinterest & friend’s suggestions (via Facebook.) What will you decide to be for Halloween this year, pregnant or not?



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