Miracles (10/24/16 Weekly update from Elder B)


Story/Miracle #1: I also wanted to share the funny story from when we did a “Puertas Abiertas” (Doors Open) activity in our stake center on Saturday (we didn’t get to work in our sector the whole day, but the activity was wildly successful so it was alright). So we had the responsibility to contact people to bring them in the church for the tour and we were having no success whatsoever, but then I thought, “Wait this isn’t even my sector so I won’t have to worry about teaching them so I might as well contact the ‘snakes’ (young women who, typically, have interest in gringos, but not the gospel message or the church) on the bench we’ve passed by 5 times”. So we did…and they were snakey…but they went to the tour. At first the other missionaries were making fun of us for it until the two of them stayed in the church for over an hour, to check out all the different organizations(we only sent them in there for 15 minute tours). They gave contact info to the Sister missionaries and both said they loved everything they saw about our church. Moral of the story for me...I need to stop judging books by their covers.

Story/Miracle #2: We were on our way to Mulchen  when a man who was locking his car up, stopped & asked us to enter his property– a very nice and big home.  Without saying much more than “I want to talk with you guys,” he took us into his house. Being that it was the nicest house I’d entered my entire mission, I had the suspicion that he was a pastor or church leader who wanted to fight/argue with us. We came to know him a little, and he had never known any Mormons in his 60+ years. Shortly after beginning the lesson, he interrupted and said, “I have a doubt & I want to ask you guys about it, but nobody else because I don’t want to destroy their faith, & I know you are very strong in your faith, so it won’t destroy yours. We know that there were people here in the Americans that didn’t know Christ, and yet God loves all His children. How can this be?”  We had a very spiritual lesson & he continued asking more “golden” questions. At the end of the lesson, he didn’t want to accept a baptismal invitation, but he said, “thank you so much. You all have strengthened my faith a lot.”

-Elder Sammy Bauserman


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