Character Trait Series

My entire purpose in creating a series of lesson plans about character traits was to allow teachers an opportunity to teach timeless values in their classrooms, without having to go back to the drawing board to do so. Teachers’ time is very much consumed with the Common Core expectations, district expectations, & school wide expectations; it doesn’t make the importance of teaching character traits to our children any less important, though. In fact, I designed these lessons to be parent-friendly too; there’s no reason that the lessons on character traits only be used in the schools.

The first lesson in the series (which I completed this week) was on perseverance & determination; you can check out the outline of the lesson at the link below (in my TPT store online):

In my hopes to thoroughly cover the character traits (teamwork/synergy/cooperation, integrity/honesty, ingenuity/creativity, selflessness, best effort, respect, responsibility, problem-solving,  positive attitude/optimism, humility, bravery/courage, & self-confidence/self-esteem) that our future workers & leaders need, each lesson in my series includes the following basic outline:

Children’s Literature:

Suggested games/activities:

Quote for the lesson:

Writing activity:

Discussion/comprehension questions:

This is a skeleton lesson plan that I fill in with all the components in bold. I hope it will become a great school & household resource!

What character traits would you like to see featured or changed based on the list I provided?



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