Welcome to Arizona! (State Series)

img_2578Well, first and foremost, in moving to Arizona I have learned the true meaning of desert climate; while Utah was plenty dry, there was at least still some humidity there. I have never been so scaly and dry anywhere else in the U.S. as I am here in Arizona! I drink plenty of water too, being pregnant, and I still dry out pretty easily.

The main plant attractions here (again, keeping in mind the dry, desert climate) are: cacti (and there are all different varieties, like the typical tall Saguaro ones as well as the prickly pear bushes & cholla or teddy bear kinds) and black willow trees. As far as wildlife, the insects/critters (especially crickets) abound here year-long. If you go out in the more desert-like areas, you will be sure to see lots of cottontail rabbits & I’ve seen a couple roadrunners here too.  While they are capable of flying, they are fast little runners (true to their name.)

Also, the sunsets cannot go without mention; they are incredible! Probably because Arizona is so flat & has very little mountain surrounding any side of it, you can see the sky clearly in all directions. The sky seems a lot bigger here!




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