Product Review: Blue Apron

Are you a fan of healthy cooking? Do frequent trips to the grocery store become an aggravation? Are you in search of some new recipes and dinner options? Then, this program is for you! Also, if you like having healthy meals pre-packaged (meaning all ingredients are included in a box) then this is a program you’ll seriously enjoy.

I was introduced to this program by my sister-in-law; she gave me a weeks’ worth of Blue Apron for two (which is the equivalent to 3 meals in a week) as a birthday gift. I am someone who would even go so far as to say I consider cooking to be a hobby of mine, but even if that’s not you, my husband even loves getting in on some of this meal prep! (This is fairly simple, since recipe cards with step-by-step directions are provided with each meal you get in the box.) It’s nice that the program is not mutually exclusive (i.e. for experienced cooks/chefs only.) Additionally, if you’re a meat-eating family like we are, it’s very simple to add a little hamburger meat or chicken strips to the vegan dishes (i.e. pastas & curries) for a little more protein.  One of our very favorite things about the Blue Apron program is that you get all these vegetable sides with each dinner option; we know we need to do better about getting our daily veggie intake, (i.e. the correct amount of servings) so this is an easy, tasty way to do so!

So far, our favorite meals have been the following: spiced pork burgers with radishes, pan-seared chicken with roasted honeynut squash & apple, Italian Wedding Soup, & Masala-Spiced Chicken. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Wait until you try this flavorful stuff! This is such a fun, easy way to do meal-planning & cooking.  It dawned on me that it even makes the holidays easier (in some aspects) & it definitely cuts down on the expense of grocery store trips and/or eating out often, while still providing you with a gourmet meal.

You can sign up for the trial (the 3 free, gourmet meals) by clicking below. That’s how my husband & I got hooked on it to begin with. Hey! What do you have to lose? It’s FREE food for 3 nights, with no strings attached. #skipthegrocerystore



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