Quote of the day 12/5-12/11

Monday December 5, 2016

“Repentance is daily course correction that makes us change and progress.”-Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

Sometimes we think we only have to repent of big mistakes we make. But we should be repenting and trying to be better every single day. There is always something we can improve on and we should focus on the little things we can change to be better people. I believe in God and I know because of Him, we truly can be better.

Tuesday December 6, 2016

“Pray for the love which allows you to see the good in your companion. Pray for the love that makes weaknesses and mistakes seem small. Pray for the love to make your companion’s joy your own. Pray for the love to want to lessen the load and soften the sorrows of your companion.”-President Henry B. Eyring

I love this quote!!! We should always be focusing on the good we see in others, especially our spouses. Once we start focusing on our companion more we will become more happy and more selfless.

Wednesday December 7, 2016

“If we are attempting to negotiate the twists and turns and ups and downs of mortality alone, we are doing it all wrong. Mortality is a test, but it is an open book test. We have access not only to the divine text but to Him who authored it.”

-Sheri Dew

It is easy to forget that God has given us everything we need to master this test we call life, but He did because He loves us so much and wants to see us succeed. We are never alone and that is the key to passing the test, using Him to help us through our mortal journey. That will bring us the most happiness we could ever find in this life.

Thursday December 8, 2016

“We love Him, because He first loved us.” -1 John 4:19

I love this scripture because it is so simple yet so profound to know that He loved us first and will always love us. That is why we love God though because He has always loved us with a perfect love that we as mortals cannot even comprehend.

Friday December 9, 2016

“Men cannot measure the bounds nor fathom the depths of divine forgiveness.”

-James E. Talmage

Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can forgive everyone who has ever done anything to hurt us. By forgiving we can truly be freed from hate and pain and sorrow. Jesus Christ has made it possible for us to be able to love and progress in our lives no matter what decisions people around us decide to make.

Saturday December 10, 2016

“Truly yoked to the Savior, we can say with confidence, It will all work out.”

– Neill F. Marriott

When we are walking side by side with the Lord there is nothing we should fear. He is there to lift us up when we fail and be our support until we can walk on our own again. And He is there to rejoice with us when we are happy and well. We are so blessed to have our loving and perfect Savior, Jesus Christ, be by our side.

Sunday December 11, 2016

“I do the very best I know how-the very best I can; and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.” -Abraham Lincoln

All that the Lord asks of us is to be the best we can be, He doesn’t ask us to be perfect. But He does ask us to try and we need to try to the very best we can in order to gain eternal life.


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