Quotes of the Day (Christmas Week)

December 26, 2016:

“Write it down, when I have perished:

Here is everything I’ve cherished; 

That these walls should glow with beauty

Spurred my lagging soul to duty; 

That there should be gladness here

Kept me toiling, year by year…

Every thought & every act 

Were to keep this home intact.” -Edgar A. Guest

Coming home with a newborn last week after a difficult/complicated delivery was quite the feat. Writing down my thoughts & feelings, as well as discussing them with my dear family & beloved friends has helped me to “spur my lagging soul” & to soak up motherhood at this time. I look forward to a new year with this baby!

December 25, 2016:

“Christmas is all about gifts. Nothing but gifts. But such gifts! Gifts tied with heartstrings…gifts that transform the mundane into the miraculous. Gifts that nurture the souls of both the giver & the given. The gifts of Spirit, a frightened teenage girl, her bewildered sweetheart, the Child {Jesus}, the angels, the shepherd boy, the inn-keeper’s wife.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

The best gifts at Christmas are/can be those that are given from the heart. The thoughtful nature of gifts far outweighs the price tag associated with it.

December 24, 2016:

“If, as Herod, we fill our lives with things, & again with things; if we consider ourselves so unimportant that we must fill every moment of our lives with action, when will we have the time to make the long, slow journey across the desert as did the Magi? Or sit & watch the stars as did the shepherds? Or brood over the coming of the child as did Mary? For each one of us, there is a desert to travel. A star to discover. And a being within ourselves to bring to life.” -Author Unknown

There can be much joy found in the journey to better our lives as we seek the Savior of all mankind.

December 23, 2016:

“Each of us is an Innkeeper, who decides if there is room for Jesus.” – Neal A. Maxwell

We all have to make the decision (daily) to let the Savior into our lives. He reaches out to us constantly; it is up to us to reach back & make the effort to connect with Him.

-Katie Storey


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