The Positive Dog (Book Review)

You’ll want to read this if you’re one of those people who likes to get a fresh, clean start at setting new personal goals at the beginning of each year. I recently finished this amazing, inspiring self-help book on Audible; The Positive Dog by Jon Gordon. We all can use a pick-me-up from time to time, & this book accomplished exactly that for me. I recently had a darling baby boy, so my nights & days are topsy-turvy & I need some positivity & upbeat vibes to get me through the rough, sleepless nights. I learned quite a bit from this book & want to share a quick summary while encouraging you to go out & read this when you get a chance.

While he uses talking dogs to illustrate his points, one of the biggest focuses in this book is the mindset aspect. I often have trouble reframing my paradigms & perspectives, but Gordon’s main advice in the book is to use the phrase “I get to” instead of “I have to” when discussing what we do daily (i.e. I get to stay home with my son while my husband goes out to work every day.) Now it actually sounds like I have a choice in the matter (which I do) & I am able to choose how I feel about things too.

Happiness is definitely a contagious thing…..& that’s a good thing!!! No one is going to complain that you’re happier (unless they’re just a grouch & jealous of you.) Gordon gives several great suggestions on finding happiness & optimism; it has made all the difference during “the baby blues” for me. Take a gratitude walk—I enjoy the sunshine & taking my baby out with me & talking to him about all the lovely things there are to see. I also liked the idea of writing a gratitude letter & then sending it in the mail or reading it aloud to the recipient. We feel so much better when we recognize all the good we really have in our lives.

Again, I hope you’ll read this book or at least check out Jon Gordon’s website for ways to be happier by choosing to stay positive & optimistic this year (2017!)



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