From our favorite, in Chile

(Elder B-The redhead with his leg extended)
Dearest family and friends,
   Well I received my cambios for the next six weeks and I will be headed to a sector called Camilo which is in Coronel just below Concepción. And it will be my first sector that has stoplights!! It will, by far, be my biggest sector to date and I have heard many, many good things about this next sector. I am also going to receive my first latino comp! His name is Elder Aburto and I’ve actually already talked with him (whenever we have multi-zone conferences I always end up making my way around the group and talking/meeting everyone…I’ve changed a little in the mission…). He’s a really kind, humble Nicaraguan (the only one in the mission), and he’s got around 9 months in the mission if I remember right. He “fell really well with me” (direct translation of I like him a lot in Spanish) and I am really really pumped for this cambio! (transfer)
   I don’t have much time so I’ll just wish you guys the best this week!
-Elder Sammy Bauserman

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