Leggings for the win!

You know those days when you just want to be comfortable but you want to look nice at the same time? I have those days all the time and leggings save the day! That pink sweater of mine in the picture (on the left) is one of my favorites because it’s long, warm, comfy, and stylish. My favorite outfit during the winter, especially, is a long and loose sweater with a pair of leggings that are lined on the inside with fleece. First off, it keeps me warm which is my main concern living in Utah where I have to deal with the cold and the snow. I get cold very easily and so when I am wearing a warm sweater and those leggings, I hardly ever get cold. Secondly, it is as comfortable as it is wearing a sweatshirt and sweats but you look a lot nicer. Thirdly, I love wearing boots and you can wear any style of boots you want with leggings. You can go for knee high, ankle boots, combat boots, and anything in between. It really is my favorite outfit! Another big plus for me is that leggings are very inexpensive when compared to a nice pair of jeans and they last for a long time. You can also get them in a large variety of colors, so my favorites are of course the classic black and maroon. So the next time you are going shopping or trying to find good, new leggings go check out Amazon or Wish.



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