Product Review: The Owlet Baby Monitor

This article is directed toward all you new parents & caregivers out there.  If you’re as much of a worry wart as me, this is undoubtedly the product for you! Their slogan, “up all night so you don’t have to be” is true to form & very reliable. Here are some of the fun facts about Owlet monitors.

First of all, the electronic sock is designed to measure oxygen level & heart rate stats as your baby sleeps. This is accomplished through something called “pulse oximetry.” An incredible relief for parents who are deep sleepers is that the home base (which I keep next to our bed during the night) will alert you throughout the night or nap times during the day. A white light means the sock is charging, a green light means the monitor is on & is only paused by you physically pausing it or when you get a yellow alert. The yellow alert lets you know that the sock has somehow become disconnected. We’ve gotten this one a few times since our baby is quite a kicker….even in his sleep! Then there’s the red alert, which no parent wants to get, but it’s ultimately why people buy this monitor; it lets you know if one of the baby’s vital signs is dropping.

The Owlet app itself has some incredible step-by-step videos with checklists, that are very informative; it will have you fitting the Owlet sock to your baby like a pro in no time! I like to put my guy’s sock on after I’ve bathed him & changed him into his sleeper for the night. It is, of course, even easier to place the sock on a drowsy baby or one that’s already asleep. This sock fits newborn size all the way up through 18 months of age. (The bigger sock must be ordered separately from the original kit, though.) The biggest challenge for me, besides getting my wiggler to hold still, was switching out the Smart Sock Electronics from one size sock to another; there’s a video for that too, though. There’s one more thing; if you’re wondering if your baby is up & needs to eat, but you’re not wanting to go hover over his/her crib/bassinet, you can check the app for his vitals. If he’s awake & moving around a bit, the app will tell you he/she is wiggling, instead of their vital stats, & then you can proceed to physically check in on the img_3222baby.

We are already sleeping better at night these days! Learn more about the Owlet monitor product below!




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