The Breakfast Smoothie Series (Part III)

Due to my new dietary restrictions (as I’m breastfeeding & my baby is exhibiting serious allergies to either dairy, casein, or whey) here’s a strict fruit & veggie combo!

Pineapple chunks (1/4 carton)

Strawberries (1/2 carton)

Blackberries (1/2 carton)

Kale (3-4 stems worth)

Coconut water (3/4 cup)

Blue Agave (sweetener)

Chia Seeds (2 tablespoons—I like the Viva brand)

Acerola Cherry Powder (1 tablespoon)


*Blend it all up once you’ve cut/diced the fruit. I didn’t specify how much of the sweetener to add; I just put in a tablespoon, but it depends on your taste! Also, note that the coconut water serves as a substitute for the milk & yogurt blends I posted earlier on the blog.


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