Non-Dairy Desserts (part I)

Due to my son’s food allergies, & as I am a breastfeeding mama, it has become a new quest of mine to discover the yummiest but least offensive (to him) desserts/treats; I have a major sweet tooth & I can’t lie about it! This started a couple weeks ago when my husband was in charge of the grocery shopping & came across some cashew milk ice-cream. He’s felt bad that I haven’t gotten to eat my favorite treat for awhile (3 months feels like a long time!) Then my family was in town & we were having the traditional birthday cake & ice-cream for my sisters birthdays, but I had to be different again. 😉

So I have been sampling the following pictured below, as well as some almond milk ice-cream bars. From left to right we have: Soy Milk (Vanilla flavor), Cashew Milk (Snickerdoodle flavor), Almond Milk (Vanilla flavor), Coconut Milk (Oregon Mixed Berry flavor) & Nada Moo (Chocolate Mint flavor.) It probably would have helped in my comparison if I had started out with all the same flavors, but I’m too crazy for that! I will try that another time. Meanwhile, you’ll also notice that I mostly have stuck to the So Delicious brand. I’m curious to try whatever else is out there though!



So far, the Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle & Almond Milk Vanilla are my absolute favs! Soy Milk ice cream was almost too sugary in my opinion & my son had an allergic reaction a couple days later, so I guess that narrows down my non-dairy options in that regard.

What are your favorite ice cream flavors? (Dairy or non-dairy.) Does anyone else out there have any experience with food allergies & finding alternative options to replace dairy? Please share!



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