Elder Sammy B. Update 4/24/17

{Update: Sammy got a new companion who is from Brazil, Elder Calssi, & is having an absolutely great time with him! ūüôā We are so glad! He only has a few more months out in the fields of Chile; he gets back home July 5th.}

Wow, I feel like I am on fire now! It has been so long since I have felt this good! Elder Calssi is absolutely awesome and my sector is a sector of pure miracles! I love the work, and even though we had some giant disappointments lately (ones that earlier would’ve left me discouraged) and even though we have more than enough “mountains to climb”, I could NOT be happier. Better said, I could not be more joyous! Truly I can testify to the words of Pres Nelson that: “Saints¬†can¬†be¬†happy¬†under¬†every¬†circumstance.¬†We¬†can¬†feel¬†joy¬†even¬†while¬†having¬†a¬†bad¬†day,¬†a¬†bad¬†week,¬†or¬†even¬†a¬†bad¬†year!…the¬†joy¬†we¬†feel¬†has¬†little¬†to¬†do¬†with the circumstances¬†of¬†our¬†lives¬†and¬†everything¬†to¬†do¬†with¬†the¬†focus¬†of¬†our¬†lives.”

President Nelson came to our mission on Friday, I got to greet him, and he is the first person in years that pronounced my name right without me saying anything! He may be 93 years old, but he does not move or act like it haha! He gave an amazing capacitation on how we can use the Book of Mormon more effectively and more consistently in our teaching and finding (I think he was on his feet for around an hour and a half speaking pure revelation!). One part I will take the time to share is he had us think of all the scriptures and doctrines we know from the Book of Mormon and “delete” it all. Then he asked us what it was we had lost, he had 5 elders and 5 sisters share what they had lost and explained that we need to remember all of the wonderful doctrines we have from this wonderful book and how important these doctrines are to the people all around us. I know this Book is true and that it is the work of God that has brought it to our hands, I am ever so grateful for how it has helped me become closer to my Saviour and Redeemer and I love to read it each and every day!

Con carino,

Elder Samuel Bauserman


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