June Book Club

Here is June’s book, dear readers! 📕🙌🏼 Food Inc. by Karl Weber. (Yes, there is a documentary as well!) The ideas behind Food Inc. have intrigued me as a breastfeeding mother to an allergy prone baby. I never used to think twice about the hamburger meat or eggs I grabbed off store shelves, but I’ve had a slowly evolving perspective shift, & I think this book will help in my efforts to research healthier eating & thus lead me to a #healthyliving lifestyle.It will also make more sense to y’all why I’ve been so eager & willing to try these healthy dinner prep companies (I.e. Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, & Sun Basket.) -Katie #foodinc #youarewhatyoueat #bookclub #letsread



Thoughts so far, readers? I want to tell you, I didn’t suggest this book as light reading material, nor was it my intention to make anyone vegetarian or vegan. I do think that using farmer’s markets & the Food & Water Watch website will help us all make smarter eating decisions, though, & it’s nice to be informed. When I first started investigating Natural Grocer’s & what they stand for, I was wondering if someone was just out there to make an extra buck off all us folks who want to eat healthier or more organically (see website if you’ve not heard of it before or don’t have one near you: https://www.naturalgrocers.com/store-location/gilbert-val-vista/

Anyway, the nice thing is, they’re for real! Normal animal behaviors such as rooting or grazing should concern the consumer; we need to think twice about what we’re putting into our bodies. This video clip is a little silly & exaggerated, but it represents a few important concepts when it comes to meat consumption.

Keep on reading! I know the Q&A section at the beginning was a little dry at some points too, but there’s a lot of good information here. Here’s my thought or question for the day (as you continue reading)— why does the United States, who is considered a first world country, allow its citizens to consume contaminated & crappy meat & dairy products? If you’ve traveled outside the country & had the good fortune to try their cuisine, you can probably speak to the fact that it’s a different quality than the majority of what we offer here in the U.S. Hopefully I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew (pun intended) but it’s food for thought.



Here’s a link to the website where you can incorporate more animal-free meals into your daily routine:


After reading the chapter on “the Dirty 6,” I am probably going to be even more picky about where I get my meat now, especially chicken, ham/pork, & beef. And I’m really grateful now that I’ve never in my life had any desire to try pate de foie…..Wow!



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