Elder Sammy Update (Time is running out!)

Samuel Bauserman

1:38 PM (20 hours ago)

Mis queridos,
  Well this week we found out that my companion has 3 kidney stones, but he recovered pretty quickly from Monday morning so we haven’t really had to slow down. For whatever reason we found ourselves having to go to many of our backup plans and as a result we visited a lot more less actives than usual. It was still pretty awesome because a lot of them are pretty animated and determined to come back to church, even though we try our very best as missionaries, the biggest difference is always made by the members in helping lost sheep come back to the flock (I have definitely seen that this week). This last cambio has already been flying by and I do not like it one bit! I feel like a drowning man gasping for air, but I’m gasping for more time, I just cannot leave this work!
   Sergio’s been having a rough time with his work and he’s considering going back to being a police officer (which he had worked in before) which could result in him having to move, but he assured us that no matter where he goes he will continue strong in the gospel and continue progressing in it. The Young Adults of this ward have been instrumental in fellowshipping him, before I even managed to talk to him after church he was surrounded by about 6 of the YSA of our branch! Side note: I feel like I work best with YSA, I’ve never really had strong YSA before, but lately the YSA here have grown so strong that they have their own class in Sunday School in the branch (it was organized 2 weeks ago and it is the first time that I, or any other missionary in my district has heard of one here in Chile!). There’s one that we’ve been working with by teaching him lesson 1 as a practice and he tells us where we can improve as teachers, he’s been reactivating and his mom is just about the happiest woman in the church whenever he walks in the door (he always comes later, after his family already arrives).
   I just love how many members just have the Gospel “click” into place and they just turn into machines(it sounds cooler in our missionary lingo “maquinas”) that turn and help others “click” into place as well.
   I hope all is well, and just know that I am as happy as can be!
-Elder Samuel Bauserman
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

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