Give Yourself Some “Carino”

  Sammy baptism picture
Sergio’s Baptism (hurrah!!!!)
Wow! I really love how in just 1 minute, my day can change from good to absolutely fantastic!! This has happened multiple times in the week. First was when we got into a house and taught a family of 6, and also present were some relatives from Lota who just so happen to be taking lessons from the missionaries there and one of them has a baptismal date coming up. Another moment was finding Sergio, who is an investigator who moved from another sector, but has already progressed a lot and I know he will continue progressing (he asked us to leave him a big assignment in the Book of Mormon because he was prepared to read a lot!). The best moment was probably during the third hour of church though. I had been disappointed by several investigators and members that hadn’t come to church like they promised (even though several others did come), then I found myself with 20some men in priesthood rubbing our faces (the branch president is ex-military and he said whenever they did something well, one of his leaders would command them to “give themselves some affection”, by rubbing their faces, and he had us all do so because the Camilo Branch has progressed exponentially). I love the humble, and yet amazing members here in Camilo and I am so grateful that they can feel my love for them (several have expressed that they can).
    We continue to teach Evelin, a student of Law that is 1 year away from becoming a lawyer, and I love that she not only reads what we leave her, but she understands it perfectly! We also have replaced several non-progressers with new investigators this past week so we will see how that goes!    I am determined to treat each and every day as if it were my last, and I know we will see the Lord’s hand in the work! I hope all is well at home!

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