So this article has been in the making for a while now, but I decided to choreograph a Zumba number in the spirit of showing a little of how my home workouts have been patterned. Home workout programs can be fun & invoke less anxiety or concern over peer interaction.  There is also less judgment or criticism when you work out from home & it can be more convenient for stay-at-home moms or dads.  My little guy is content to swing or crawl around in the room or nearby where I’ve chosen to work out. You can also work out at your own pace when you do workouts at or from home. There are various Youtube or other exercise videos you can work out with; I like Adrienne’s Yoga videos & have recently come to like the fast-paced, but “bang for your buck” Fitness Blender workouts.

If you’re someone who gets motivated by accountability, there are accountability groups & coaches over social media that can be accessed. I also enjoy sharing my fitness activity through my Apple Watch; it’s cool to push my friends & family that way too.

Honestly, the gym motivates you to go & make use of the money you paid or invested in and for a membership. You have peers to go with or compete with & you also have the option of working out with personal trainers. There is also plenty of gym equipment to use too. There are plenty of pros & cons to both scenarios; it just depends on your personality type & preferences. -Katie


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