Welcome to our blog!:) We are 6 siblings with a vast array of interests & likes we want to share with the world! We are all of the LDS faith & active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, so that background will at least explain some of the spiritual posts you will likely see on here.

Katie (29) most recently lived in Utah with her husband Derik, but due to a job change, has moved to Arizona.  She graduated from BYU with a degree in Education & a double minor in TESOL/Spanish & has been teaching elementary school for the past 5 years. She enjoys cooking, family,  teaching and participating in Zumba classes & cross-training fitness (i.e. lifting weights & cycling), reading, & being outdoors. She also enjoys playing the piano & singing. She is expecting her first baby (a boy) in December.

Sarah (27) currently lives in Texas with her husband  (who is in medical school) and she is a mother to two beautiful baby daughters now.  Sarah got her Masters in Public Health from BYU and occasionally uses her degree to do research and teach health & fitness. Other things she enjoys include: tennis, running, surfing,  & reading.

Shana (25) lives in Utah as well with her husband Dakota and baby daughter Rainey. She really likes doing crafty/artsy things like: making and arranging jewelry and painting or drawing (especially animals.) She graduated from BYU with a degree in Wildlife & Wild Lands Conservation. Shana also really likes to sing & enjoys a wide variety of sports. Shana is also another avid reader.

Kelly (22) lives in Utah with her husband Danny; they are newlyweds! She really is passionate about education (which she is studying at BYU right now) & the gospel. Kelly enjoys swimming and playing tennis and volleyball. She also really enjoys throwing it down during ping-pong too. Kelly also loves playing the piano and reading.

Sammy (19), also known as Elder Bauserman, is currently serving a mission in Concepcion, Chile. Sammy is #theginger (the one redhead in the family) & he enjoys playing soccer.  Before his mission, he also was running in crazy races he hadn’t even trained for! He is also an avid bow tie wearer & stylish dresser.

Joey (16) is the youngest, but toughest out of all the gang! He loves dogs, & takes on the main responsibility for care of the family’s lab, Gabby. He’s creeping up on Dad fast & it looks like he’ll be the tallest of us all! He also really likes sports & knows more facts/statistics about the sports arena (especially basketball, soccer, & football) than you can shake a stick at!