The United States of America: Our Republic

The purpose of this editorial is to clarify a little misunderstanding from this past election. There are currently people out on social media, petitioning citizens to recast their vote in the Electoral Congress, to see if Hillary Clinton can be put in office, purely based on popular vote.  The last time in American history that … Continue reading The United States of America: Our Republic


Character Trait Series

My entire purpose in creating a series of lesson plans about character traits was to allow teachers an opportunity to teach timeless values in their classrooms, without having to go back to the drawing board to do so. Teachers’ time is very much consumed with the Common Core expectations, district expectations, & school wide expectations; … Continue reading Character Trait Series

Discipline in the Entitlement Age From a teacher’s perspective This is a tricky topic for people of all ages and backgrounds, but I especially feel I have a clearer vision of discipline methods in regards to classroom instruction, as an elementary school teacher. There is, of course, a major difference between disciplining a couple of children in a family … Continue reading Discipline in the Entitlement Age